Transmedia 101′s 2012 Year End Special

Here at Transmedia 101 we have decided to jump on the End of Year Top Ten bandwagon by announcing our Top Ten Events of 2012. In a handy kind of way it turns out we have actually done exactly ten events this year, but each one proved to be special in its own way. Here they are in chronological order:




1. Scott Walker presents Shared Storyworlds.

Way back in February, Scott Walker visited us in his office via Skype, which proved to be less squishy and far less expensive than flying everyone to him. He gave a great talk on Shared Storyworlds (worlds that invite the audience in as co-creators), which expanded all of our brains just a little bit more.  Transmedia 101 gave Scott this gift: the now globetrotting MetaMonkey in thanks.


2. Transmedia 101 Reboot & Talk by Siobhan O’Flynn.

Siobhan O’Flynn presents Transmedia 101

June rolled around and we officially rebooted Transmedia Toronto as Transmedia 101, adding Anthea Foyer to the mix as well as launched our new website June was also the month in which Transmedia 101 found its new monthly meetup home at InterAccess Media Arts Centre.

Of course it made sense to start with a highly engaging and thoughtful Transmedia 101 talk by Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn. This talk covered a wide range of topics and ideas giving attendees a great grounding in the transmedia space.




3.  ARG 101: The Mission Business and Geoff May.

ARG 101 presented by Geoff May

Doing it ARG Style

Arg! It’s July! Or ARG 101: This Mission Business Presents ZED.TO with an opening talk by ARG blogger Geoff May. This was our meatiest presentation yet with Geoff’s talk artfully weaving bacon, ham along with an actual ARG storyline. This had audience members finding clues on their phones, in the gallery, and, most importantly, in the middle of a block of ham.

Robert Pratten presents Participatory Storytelling

Robert Pratten presents Participatory Storytelling

How do you follow that up? Well, you bring in the amazing Mission Business team to talk about their year-long immersive, end of the world story, Zed.To. It was a great mi-project look at a truly innovative project.


4. Robert Pratten presents Participatory Storytelling

What?! Two events in July? Are you crazy? The answer is probably yes. But we couldn’t resist bringing in Robert Pratten when he was in town. He gave a fantastic talk on Participatory Storytelling that included case studies of his own work and gave great examples of what works – and what doesn’t.

Robert then introduced us to Conducttr – a platform he has developed to facilitate audience engagement in participatory projects.


5. Transmedia Futures with sLAB at OCAD U.

Zhan Li and Siobhan O’Flynn at Transmedia Futures

Ok. Here’s the proof. We officially are a bit nuts. July was also the month we took on Transmedia Futures in partnership with sLab at OCADU. But really, how could we not do this? Siobhan set the crowd up with a Transmedia 101 presentation to get everybody up to speed on the basics of transmedia. This was followed by a talk by Zhan Li, co-founder of USC’s Scenario Lab at the Annenberg School, and who has Henry Jenkins as an advisor for his PhD. After that, Anthea and Zan Chandler from sLab led teams through think tank exercises intended to further develop the ideas that came up during the talk. It was very cool to hear the discussions that arose when you combined transmedia storytellers with strategic foresighters and a smattering of other divergent disciplines represented from fashion designers to programmers.The picture shows Zhan and Siobhan either giving their talks or leading us in a prayer to the future of storytelling. July was a busy month and we can’t quite remember everything with crystal clarity.


Web Series 101

6. Web Series 101: Jay Ferguson, Jonathon Robbins, Elize Morgan, Ash Catherwood & Regan Latimer.

August was all about Web Series 101. This panel was just too much for our space at InterAccess so we moved to bigger digs at U of T. Web series is alive and thriving in Toronto. This feisty group of creator/producers proved through their engaging, sexy, funny, mysterious and odd projects that they are having a hand in shaping the industry in Canada.

{ps. Don’t let the first row of empty seats throw you – we had a packed house. Our current theory: web series creators have a force field that keeps admirers one row away from them at all times}

7. Music Rights 101 with Jason Leaver, Adrian Ellis, and Tony Tobias.

Music Rights 101 brought us into the fall. It was a select but engaging crowd and we learned a lot about how to think about music rights over multiple platforms. There were more details but the general gist of it:

Music Rights 101 yeilded a Plethora of Good Information

Like many relationships, it is complicated.

Intro to Wattpad


8. Intro to Wattpad with Maria Cootauco and Carrie Cutforth-Young

October was all about Wattpad. Dubbed the ‘YouTube of text’, Wattpad is the world’s largest online story sharing community and an interesting platform for transmedia storytellers.  Maria Cootauco, Community Engagement Manager at Wattpad, opened the evening with a thorough look at this platform and its uses to transmedia creators. Carrie Cutforth-Young followed up with a short talk on how her project, The Karada, is using Wattpad to build audiences and test out their story material.



9. Transmedia 101 Year End Mixer

November rolled around and we thought “time to drink and play games!” So we did. November’s meetup included all of the things in the images below. If you didn’t make it out, I will leave the rest up to your imagination. We would advise, though, that you don’t miss the next one. Seriously.

Transmedia 101′s Mixer Presented on Three Platforms


10. Jon Reiss: Think Outside the Box Office.

Transmedia 101 Jon Reiss: Think Outside the Box OfficeWhat a way to end the year! Our first day-long master class was a huge success. Jon Reiss: Think Outside the Box Office brought out a great crowd and filmmaker Jon Reiss brought his A-game {Whoa- I think that may be a sports reference! Ha.}  Held at the University of Toronto’s Kings College, Jon led the participants through alternative methods of marketing and distribution, which is important for anyone working in any media today. Many thanks to our host Canadian Studies at King College that helped make our first Masterclass a success. Stay tuned for more workshops to come in the new year.

Along with all of these events we have represented Transmedia 101 at Merging Media and The Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Storyworld in LA, and Reel Asian Film Festival in Toronto. Transmedia 101 also joined forces with Transmedia Vancouver and Transmedia Quebec City/Montreal to form Transmedia Canada – an affiliation of the cross-continental meetup groups.


What a year! We’d love to thank you all for being so supportive and helping us grow and learn this year. We’d love to hear about your favorite Transmedia 101 experiences so far and what you’d like to see in the New Year.

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Siobhan, Carrie, Anthea

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