Transmedia 101: Mobile Storytelling

Transmedia 101 presents Mobile Storytelling Lalita Krishna and Jason White.

March 19th, 7 pm. 9 Ossington. Lower Floor. Interacces Media Arts Centre. 

Join us on March 19 to hear expert talks on the creation of innovative mobile storytelling projects. How can you tell and extend stories that live on mobile devices on location?

Lalita Krishna will discuss her award winning transmedia documentary project Choco-locate and the success of the Choco-locate mobile app: How a documentary filmmaker created an app to extend the documentary experience. Hunting for chocolate? Look no further than the Choco-locate and ChocoFinder apps.

Jason White will be discussing the Art of Memory with a particular focus on how to create meaningful locative story experiences by exploring the art of memory. He will then present  City Sonic and how the project made deep connections with audiences using these mnemonic techniques.

About the Speakers

Lalita Krishna is a Toronto based filmmaker and transmedia producer. Her work has been broadcast on all major networks in Canada, and featured at film festivals around the world.

Lalita’s Interactive documentaries are produced with award winning game producers and mobile developers. As the Co-Chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada’s Toronto chapter, Lalita oversees DOCShift a two year initiative to develop the core capacity of producers to create interactive documentaries using a variety of delivery platforms.

Lalita sits on the Board of Hot Docs- North America’s leading documentary film festival. Lalita is a featured speaker at prestigious conferences and professional development events.

Lalita has been awarded the DreamCatcher Award for using her craft to better humanity and is the recipient of the 2010 Reel World Trailblazer award.

Jason White has worked in multiple roles in new media and documentary film development and production for over five years. In 2007, while working at White Pine Pictures, he began developing the groundbreaking mobile phone series City Sonic.  He laid the foundation for the series a year before the iPhone launched in Canada in anticipation of the technology being available to watch location-based documentaries on mobile phones.  City Sonic premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009.  It was also an official exhibit at Nuit Blanche.  In 2010, Jason also secured funding for DocShift a series of interactive documentary prototypes.  Jason is currently working on the redesign of the University Health Network intranet.  He has a master’s degree in Media Studies from Concordia University.

Tickets are 5$. Must RSVP because seating is limited. Register Here

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